Outdoor Full Day Training Camps

At South Florida, we prefer players who are extremely technical, tactically sound, and very creative.  Since we look for these qualities in our players we feel it is of the utmost importance to teach this to young players.  Our full day program is from 9am-4pm daily, Monday-Thursday, and on Friday from 9am-Noon. This program is designed to improve a player’s technical proficiency in all aspects of the game (dribbling, passing, receiving, chipping, and shooting).   

A specific concentration is also placed on each player’s ability to be comfortable and creative on the ball.  In each session each player will be challenged to try new things with the ball, which will increase their confidence.  They will be encouraged to take chances and be reassured it’s okay to make mistakes. 


In addition to the technical component, the Full Day Training Camp will improve a player’s tactical understanding in an individual and group setting.  Throughout the entire camp, a strong emphasis will be placed on developing each player’s confidence, creativity, and individuality on the field. At the end of the week each player will leave a more technical player who has greater confidence and creativity.

Please visit our Camp Dates Webpage for specific camp dates, locations and fees, and to Sign Up.



Our Full Day Training Camps offer a Goalkeeper Academy for an additional $50.00. Goalkeepers will spend a 1/2 day training with the field players and a 1/2 day training with the goalkeeper coaches.

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