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How to Register

You can register online for any of Bulls Soccer Camps at To register for the July Southeast Elite ID Camp, please go to After you have registered for any of our camps online, you will receive an immediate registration confirmation via email. The online registration process also allows you, to order in advance, any camp gear that you also may need. We accept all major credit cards (MC, Visa, Discover & American Express).

Deposits and Payments

Currently all of our camps offer a 30% deposit option up until May 30th at the time of online registration. Authorization is required during online registration to be automatically billed the balance on May 31st, the month prior to when our camps start. Any balance due can be paid online prior to the due date by logging in to your camp account. We do not accept camp balance payments at camp check-in, all payments must be received prior to camp, and by the balance due date.

Camp Gear

Camp uniforms (jerseys & shorts), training tees, balls, sac pacs (ball bags), and additional items will be available to pre-purchase during online registration. It is a good idea to purchase these items in advance, as we do sell out, sometimes even prior to the camp start date. Pre-purchasing items online helps ensure that your child will receive the gear they need and the correct size at check-in. All pre-ordered items will be ready for your child at check-in, in a bag at the check-in tables. Please make sure when you check-in to let the staff person know you pre-ordered items. Our camp gear is not required to be used or warn, but many campers like to have the camp uniform, training tee, ball, and other items to wear at camp and to bring home with them. All of our custom uniforms & training tees are made by Under Armour, and they are made with the best materials to keep your child cooler and more comfortable.

Goalkeeper Camps

The USF Goalkeeper Academy is offered at all of our Full Day Training Camps, June Residential/Commuter Training Camp, and our July Southeast Elite ID Camp. Goalkeepers train a portion of the day with other goalkeepers, and with our goalkeeper coaches, and a portion of the day with the field players. Goalkeepers can also attend with their team, and train with both their team and our goalkeeper coaches. Additional information on our Goalkeeper Camps can be found on our Goalkeeper Camp Page, or by clicking on the following link: GOALKEEPER CAMP LINK

Do I need to bring a Waiver & Release form to camp check-in?
The Waiver & Release Form is completed electronically during your online registration, it does not need to be printed or brought in with you.

Do I need to bring the Medical Form if my child is not taking any medication?
The Medical Form is only required to bring with you to check-in if your child will need to take any medications while at camp. All medications are to be labeled clearly with your child’s name and with instructions on how often and how much to be administered to your child. Please bring medications to check-in in a zip loc bag labeled with your child’s name. At check-in, please let the person checking you in know that you have the Medical Form and they will direct you to the right person to speak with and to give these too. If your child uses an inhaler, even if only for in an emergency, please complete the form, and bring the inhaler labeled in a zip loc bag. You can authorize on the form for your child to be permitted to keep the inhaler in their bag, but please make sure it is labeled, in a zip loc bag, and the Medical Form will need to still be handed in at check-in.

Will I have a roommate at either of the Residential Camps?
We will do our very best to accommodate all roommate requests. To guarantee a roommate request, both campers must request each other on the Roommate Preference #1 line in their online registration. Confirmation of roommate requests will only be given at check-in, and cannot be given out prior to that, since the room assignments are not completely finalized until the day of check-in. If more than two campers would like to room near eachother as a group, one parent from the group must be designated to complete our group/team online registration form and provide us with a list of names or a team roster, we will do our best to group them as close together as possible in the dorms, and will follow their  roommate requests specified when they registered online. If you arrive at check-in, and believe your roommate assignment is incorrect, or you are not roomed with your group or team, please ask to speak with the camp director. This is a situation that can be fixed very easily.

Do you provide evaluations?
Yes, evaluations will be provided on the last day of camp for all campers entering their Junior or Senior years in high school. These evaluations will be an honest assessment from your coach based on your potential to compete at the inter-collegiate level.

Where can I find a detailed itinerary/schedule for the camp I am attending including check-in and check-out times?
Please visit our Camp Schedules webpage at CAMP SCHEDULES

Camp Registration/Check-in For the June Residential/Commuter Camp & Southeast Elite ID Camp
Check-in location will be announed via email the week prior to camp. Check-in is from 12PM-3PM on Sunday. At registration, you will check in, and you will receive your room key & roommate assignment. All campers will also have the option of creating a camp bank for the camp store, & pick up any camp gear they ordered in advance. If you require our trainer to administer medication or if they need to be aware of any medical conditions or injuries you may have, you will need to bring the Medical Form, which will be attached to your registration confirmation email. You will also be given the opportunity to speak to the trainer in person at check-in.

Is there a key deposit required for residential campers at the June Residential Camp and the Southeast Elite ID Camp?
At the time of online registration authorization is required that if your keys are lost, not returned in, or if the door or lock is damaged in anyway, a $65.00 charge will be assessed and charged to the account provided and used to make payment at the time of registration.

Is there a camp store at the USF Tampa Campus ½ Day & Full Day Camps?
Yes, we will have a camp store at check-in & check-out, at all USF Tampa Campus camps, to purchase soccer gear. We will have a camp snack stand on the main practice field during camp. We strongly recommend campers to use a camp bank, which needs to be set up at check-in, so they do not need to carry cash. You have the option of leaving money for your child in their camp bank. This will ensure that your child does not lose their money during camp. We ask that parents make a cash deposit into the camp bank at camp check-in. Your child then charges against the money in their bank during the week for snacks. At camp check-out, we refund any unused money in an envelope. It is up to the parent’s discretion how much money they decide to put in the bank. The camp snack stand is open all week, offering snacks, snow cones, & ice cream.

Is there a camp store at the June Residential Camp and the Southeast Elite ID Camp?

We will have a camp store at check-in, check-out, and during camp. We strongly recommend campers to use a camp bank, which needs to be set up at check-in, and to not carry cash. You have the option of leaving money for your child in their camp bank. This will ensure that your child does not lose their money during camp. We ask that parents make a cash deposit into the camp bank at camp check-in. Your child then charges against the money in their bank during the week for what they need. At camp check-out, we refund any unused money in an envelope. It is up to the parent’s discretion how much money they decide to put in the bank. The camp store is open all week, including snacks, ice cream, late night pizza, hamburgers and hotdogs, soccer gear, uniforms, balls, etc… Unused camp bank money must be picked up at checkout and cannot be mailed out after camp, due to the amount of campers we have.

Does a camper need to bring their own cold drink to camp?
We will have large drinking coolers of water at all of our camps. In addition, with the pre-purchase of our USF Powerade Bottle, your child can have access to unlimited cold Powerade on the fields all week. This makes it easier so you do not need to worry about sending them in each morning with enough to drink, and worrying how you are going to keep it cold for them all day. The USF Powerade Bottle can be pre-ordered during your online registration, or at check-in. If pre-ordered online you will receive a discounted rate.

Campers with Food Allergies/Special Diets
We will accommodate campers with food allergies and special diets, the best that we can. If you are attending any of our camps on the USF Campus and your child will be having lunch with us; once at camp, please ask to speak with the camp director at check-in to arrange for your child to be able to meet with the dining hall chef, who will be able to go over with your child what they can and can’t eat. We are not able to control what other campers may be eating at camp, or what will be available to your child in the dining hall, but your child will have enough options at the dining hall to avoid foods they may be allergic to. If you feel more comfortable, they can also bring their own lunch.

Shuttle Transportation from Airport

For those campers that are traveling from out of the local area, we are unable to provide transportation to and from the airport, due to the fact that we have so many campers flying in at all different times of the day, but you can use the following ground transportation link on Tampa International Airport's website to see available options, including taxi service and airport limos at:

When scheduling with the transportation company, please let them know to bring your child to the:

University of South Florida Campus in Tampa/Temple Terrace
USF Athletic Facility
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, ATH 100
Tampa, FL 33620

Adult/Coach Supervision for Residential Campers
Camp staff members are spread out throughout the on-campus dorms, where the campers stay, throughout the evening. In between sessions, we have hall monitors walking the halls and campus police patrols the entire campus. Attendance is taken regularly, and each camper is assigned to a specific group and coach.

Coach & Staff Background Checks

All of our coaches and staff are background checked yearly.

Cell Phones/Tablets/Laptops at Residential Training Camp & Southeast Elite ID Camp
There are no payphones in the dorms, or phones in their rooms. Campers may bring a cell phone, and it may only be used in the dorm room. A tablet (Ipad) or laptop is not permitted. All cell phones must be turned off at lights out, and cannot be brought out to the fields during practice or games. Campers are responsible for their phones, if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Reaching a camper at Camp
At registration/check-in you will be provided with the direct cell phone numbers of the three camp directors as well as the trainer’s cell phone. These cell phone numbers are to be used only in cases of an emergency or if you have a serious concern. You can also contact a camper for non-emergency related calls on their cell phone if they choose to bring one, understanding that they will not have it on them, when they are on the fields.

Can I watch a camper at Camp
You can watch a camper during camp at any time at any of our camps. At our Residential/Commuter Training Camp and Southeast Elite ID Camp most parents attend the evening session when we are playing our league matches. Each evening you will see about 30 to 40 parents watching. We do not allow any coaching from the parents, or any type of negative cheering towards your own child or anyone else’s, and we ask that parents keep a comfortable distance from the where the campers are training/playing.

Closing Ceremonies
Everyone is invited to attend a brief awards ceremony on the last day of camp. The closing ceremonies location for the June Residential/Commuter Training Camp and Southeast Elite ID Camp will be on a detailed camp itinerary handed out at check-in.

Check Out at USF/Tampa Campus Residential Camps
Check out will directly follow the closing ceremonies. All residential campers will be instructed to thoroughly clean their room the night before. We will have coaches spread out on every floor doing room checks. Once a coach checks your room, they will hand you a ticket to go to the check out location. You then turn your key in and the key administrators will initial your ticket which you should keep as a receipt that your key was turned in.

At check out all campers will be able to retrieve any camp bank balance unused, and make any additional purchases at the camp store. Camp banks must be signed for and picked up at camp checkout.

Refund Policy
Due to contracts with our service providers and travel arrangements that need to be made in advance with our Coaching Staff, partial refunds can only be given, if requested in writing and received by our camp office 30 days prior to the camp start date. A written refund request must be sent via email to our camp administrator’s email address at, outlining the camper’s name, camp session, and request for refund, with a stated reason for cancellation.
Each camp has a non-refundable fee that cannot be refunded for any reason. The non-refundable fee for each camp is outlined below:

· Young Stars ½ Day Training Camps - $25.00  Non-Refundable Fee
· Full Day Training Camps - $50.00 Non-Refundable Fee
· June Residential/Commuter Training Camp - $100.00 Non-Refundable Fee
· July Southeast Elite ID Camp - $200.00 Non-Refundable Fee

The non-refundable fee cannot be refunded for any reason. No partial refunds will be given, if requested less than 30 days prior to the camp's start date, unless it is in the case of a sudden medical illness or injury, during this time, that would prohibit your child from participating at camp. During this 30-day period prior to camp, a partial refund (less the non-refundable fee) will only be given, if a written refund request accompanied by a doctor’s release, stating that due to the child’s medical illness or injury, they would not be able to participate at camp. Both the written cancellation request and doctor’s release must be received by our camp office no later than 5-days prior to the camp start date.  No refund requests, for any reason, can be considered if received after the 5-day deadline prior to the camp’s start date.

In the case that your child needs to leave camp early due to a medical illness or injury, a partial pro-rated refund will be given, if a written refund request accompanied by a doctor’s release is received in our camp office, within 5 days of your child’s departure from camp. The partial refund will be calculated based upon how much time was missed at camp, less the non-refundable fee.

All cancellation/refund requests will be reviewed, and if approved, processed within 30 days from the date our office receives your written cancellation/refund request and doctor’s release if applicable. Partial refunds will be given in the same form that your initial payment was made.

Camp gear orders are non-refundable and items can only be exchanged at the camp check-in or check-out at the camp store, for a different size, as long as they have not been warn, and still have the original tags with no personal writing of names/etc. on them. We are unable to replace or provide any refund for lost soccer balls or any other items lost.

Campers with Cars
Campers planning to drive themselves must notify a camp administrator at check-in, so that we can issue them a parking permit for the week, and direct the camper where to park. Once the camper parks in the correct location and puts the parking permit on the windshield, we will collect their keys. The camper’s car will not be accessible through the duration of the camp. Please understand that this policy is in place to insure the safety of the camper and other campers.

Camp Office Mailing Address and Phone Numbers
Bulls Soccer Camps
1936 Bruce B Downs Blvd. PMB#306
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Office Number (813) 315-6485
Office Fax Number (888) 365-4466

Personal Items Policy
Bulls Soccer Camps, US College Soccer ID Camps, and The Southeast Elite ID Camp are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal items of a camper, a camper's guests, or family, and are not responsible to replace them in any way. Parents, guests, family and campers who bring personal items, including cell phones, or any other electronic devises or personal items, bring them at their own risk. In the event an item is lost, please first check the lost in found that can be found at the camp store. If there is not a camp store at your camp, please ask to speak to the camp director at check-in or check-out to see if they found the item. Please do not contact the camp office during camp about lost items, the office is not located at camp, and is not in possession of the lost and found items. Bulls Soccer Camps & US College Soccer ID Camps are unable to guarantee that if an item is found, that it will be in the camp's possession at the time you come to pick it up, and these items can only be kept for a short period of time. We are unable to mail out any lost items or items that are left behind at camp, unless shipping pre-payment is arranged with our camp office.


In the event that inclement weather prohibits the players to train outside at any of our events, if indoor facilities are available, players will be moved inside to train, or will be brought to a safe indoor or covered area until the weather has passed. Bulls Soccer Camps & US College Soccer ID Camps will do its best under these circumstances and the facilities being used, to keep the players active, but their safety is our first priority. If a training session is missed during an event and is unable to be taken indoors, we will do our best to make up that session during the remainder of the event. Bulls Soccer Camps & US College Soccer ID Camps is unable to issue any type of credit or refund for inclement weather prior to or during an event, many expenses have already been paid for to hold the event. In the case of a catastrophe, such as but not limited to a natural disaster, hurricane, flood, earthquake, crime or terrorism, sickness outbreak, or war; and Bulls Soccer Camps & US College Soccer ID Camps is unable to hold the event, Bulls Soccer Camps & US College Soccer ID Camps will retain the right to determine if the camp can be postponed. If the camp is postponed to a later date, Bulls Soccer Camps & US College Soccer ID Camps retains the right to decide the postponement date, and retain all registration fees paid for the camp to hold the camp on the postponement date.

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